Resources and LearningCommunity Energy Association wants to help you access the knowledge you’re looking for to make your community more energy aware and energy smart.

If you want an in-depth learning program and certification, sign up for our Certificate in Community Energy Management.

Other resources we like include the BC Climate Action Toolkt and QUEST 

If you want to access the latest research, check out our publications that cover:

  • Planning resources for developing a community energy and emissions plan
  • Economics including local economic development
  • Transportation with a focus on electric vehicles (EV’s) and charging infrastructure
  • Heating options for homes and district heating guides including biomass district heating
  • Efficiency in buildings and how local governments can encourage or require it
  • Renewable Energy Guide – CEA’s suite of publications that gives local governments a  solid starting point on planning, policy, heating, electricity, finance, and governance
  • Snapshots, surveys, and analysis covering a wide range of actions
  • CEEP QuickStart documents and webinars