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    Is it easy to walk, cycle or take public transit in your community? If you could do one thing to make walking, cycling or transit easier, what would it be?

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    For where i live in Victoria, it is very easy to ride, walk or take transit to get most of the places I need to go.
    There are some parts of Victoria where these options are not as easy. Generally I would say that Victoria would rank fairly high for alternate transportation, but I think that an easier winter climate has more of an impact than the infrastructure introduced. Couple key bike trails have made things better in last 10 years. Also, the current mayor of Victoria has a drive to create “Biketoria” by significantly improving bike infrastructure and safety. BC Transit is looking at improving bus access, transfer-ability and speed of service, but as you can imagine, operating a system with 13 municipalities can be very difficult.

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    It is very easy to bike and walk in some parts of Whitehorse, such as in the Riverdale subdivision where I live. These areas feature segregated active transportation lanes and relatively slow traffic. Other parts of the City are further flung from the downtown core where most employment is concentrated and cyclists have to be especially brave to tackle the commute in slippery, dark and cold conditions where the roads are dominated by a very assertive group of commuters in large vehicles. Transit is available but underutilized. Improved lighting on active transportation routes is one thing that would make bike transit easier – but light pollution is already a concern so I’m not sure it would be accepted.

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      Hi Ryan,

      I picture a cyclist riding on a dark snowy winter’s night in Whitehorse when I read your answer, (I grew up in Northern BC so I remember the good ol’days when it winter was really cold). To pick up on the light pollution comment, bike lights are great. But they are not all created equal and can offer just as much distraction and danger as any annoying high beam situation. With electric bikes growing in popularity, it’s good to see that some equipment developers are trying to think through bike lighting that is friendly to the other road users. With those battery packs E-Bikes can really light things up.

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    Its fairly easy to take transit here. When the local system finally went in ridership was well beyond expectations and the system became an award winner.

    The walking and biking are problematic… so many heritage roads with heritage engineering… it’s actually considered dangerous for both modes (and rightly so, at night). Salt spring could build more bike and walking paths. Thankfully a non-for-profit took this on about 10yrs ago and has had much success… in an incremental way. I’d say accelerate this effort, and take on a big bold corridor type project that reconnects the island in a new way. Okay well, another bus, and bus route, would help at least.

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    Walking & biking are quite readily possible here in Ft. Simpson & any of the smaller communities in the Summer, with a few hardy folks getting out with their knobby-tired bikes in the Winter, & one senior who rides his 3-wheeled bike anytime of the year!

    Out of 33 communities in the NWT, only Yellowknife has transit service, a few communities have cab service. Sadly, I see too many bikes left out in weird places or dumped near the river after perhaps being stolen. School kids and young professionals are the more abundant cyclists around town but not nearly as many of them cycle as is possible, given that the main townsite is only about 2km in length!

    The bigger problem, that relates to the Land Use Planning from question #1, is that the newer housing that has been established here, is “up the hill” & from 3-7 km out of the main townsite. There are folks who bike & walk but not as many as there might be, given the distance & the fairly big hill to negotiate when biking home. On the plus side, people are fairly generous in stopping & offering rides to those who are walking on the road out of town.

    I wonder if there was a regular FREE shuttle every hour(?) “up the hill” & down to the far end of Ft. Simpson Island (main townsite), if that would encourage folks to walk more around town during the day at least? Especially if this shuttle could be run with really efficient vehicle/van … perhaps an Electric Vehicle of some sort that has a dedicated Solar PV charging station. Maybe this shuttle could be supported through a small tax added to the municipal tax structure?

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