The BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council is composed of leading mayors and councillors from across BC representing communities that are big and small, north and south, east and west who are committed to climate action.

Statement of Purpose

In September 2010, ten mayors from large and small communities across BC came together to volunteer to assist other locally elected officials move climate action forward. This includes volunteering to mentor locally elected officials. The mayors and councillors do this because they are passionate about climate action and because they agree that:

  • Climate change is happening now; is largely the result of human activity, particularly the combustion of fossil fuels; and is an urgent issue to address
  • The importance of climate action transcends politics
  • Local government leadership on climate action is critical
  • Local governments can have a significant impact on energy and emissions in their own operations and across our communities
  • Addressing climate change will require transitioning to low-carbon energy systems integrated  across our  communities
  • Climate action is a relatively new area for many locally elected officials in BC
  • Given the importance and scale of the challenge, it is important for locally elected officials who have some experience in climate action to support other mayors, councilors and regional directors who are interested in moving climate action forward in their community.

The purpose of the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council is to lead, educate, and engage.

Council Members

Mayor Richard Walton, District of North Vancouver

Mayor Taylor Bachrach, Town of Smithers

Mayor Lee Brain, City of Prince Rupert

Mayor Lawrence Chernoff, City of Castlegar

Councillor Sue Ellen Fast, Bowen Island Municipality

Councillor Patrick Johnstone, City of New Westminster

Mayor Jon Lefebure, Municipality of North Cowichan

Mayor Darrell Musatto, City of North Vancouver

Councillor Andrea Reimer, City of Vancouver

Councillor Cheryl Shuman, City of Dawson Creek