BC Mayors Weigh In on Climate Plan



VICTORIA – The BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) met with three BC Ministers and a number of MLAs from all provincial parties to discuss collaboration on the urgent issue of climate change.

Local governments across BC directly or indirectly influence 56% of greenhouse gas pollution across BC including residential, commercial and industrial sectors; and thus, they are on the pointy edge of the wedge driving forward climate change. Over half of BC communities have community energy plans that define how the local government will help residents and businesses save energy, emissions, and money.

Mayor Walton of the District of North Vancouver noted that “BCMCLC members are creating low-carbon communities with urgency and passion. BCMCLC is also ready to work constructively on implementation of actions identified in the BC Climate Leadership Plan.”

“The Province’s Plan represents a starting point but does not match the level of leadership, ambition or urgency that BCMCLC has called for and that communities across BC need” said Smithers Mayor Bacharach.

The BCMCLC collaboration of mayors and councillors from across BC with all three of BC’s main political parties is a living example of climate action moving beyond partisan politics.  Councillor Arjun Singh from Kamloops also participated in the meeting, representing the Union of BC Municipalities Environment Committee.


The BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council was formed nearly ten years ago to recognize and support local government leaders who are taking action to address climate change in their communities. The elected representatives must have made a commitment to climate action while the communities they represent must have a proven track record of action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while focusing on creating more sustainable communities.


The current members of the BCMCLC include:

·     Mayor Richard Walton (Chair), District of North Vancouver

·     Councillor Andrea Reimer, City of Vancouver

·     Mayor Darrell Mussatto, City of North Vancouver

·     Mayor Lawrence Chernoff, City of Castlegar

·     Cheryl Shuman, Councillor, City of Dawson Creek

·     Mayor Taylor Bachrach, Town of Smithers

·     Mayor Jon Lefebure, Municipality of North Cowichan

·     Councillor Patrick Johnstone, City of New Westminster




Mayor Richard Walton
District of North Vancouver