CEA Staff

Connect with CEA staff to see how we can help you.

All staff email addresses are @communityenergy.bc.ca. The main office phone number is 604-628-7076. Staff located outside the Metro Vancouver area can also be reached at 250-469-6783. Staff extensions are listed below.

Since 1995, CEA has been the trusted independent advisor to local governments, supporting them in a variety of phases of their climate and energy projects - planning through implementation. This climate action at the local level, where people live and work, is critically important to mitigate against the impacts of the changing climate and address the global climate emergency, this century’s most urgent challenge.

This important work requires the ongoing commitment and dedication of a resilient andntalented team. At CEA, we undertand that our biggest strength is our people. The health, well-being and passion of our team is inextricably linked to the quality of services and support we offer clients, partners and associates. And, ultimately, our effectiveness in saving energy, emissions and money.

Our team of 16, distributed across BC, continually inspire each other by being profoundly committed, each day, to our shared purpose and to delivering high-quality, impactful work. To continue to empower personal and organizational excellence, CEA respects and supports each staff as necessary, including work flexibility and professional development.

Our team is guided and managed by our Executive Director and a Board of Directors. We are grateful for the support and guidance offered by this diverse, accomplished and passionate group of Directors. With their expertise, CEA staff are equipped with the tools and motivation to continue supporting communities.

Dale Littlejohn

Executive Director & CAO
Email: dlittlejohn
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.700


Lyla Samuels

Chief Financial Officer
Email: lsamuels
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.701


Patricia Bell

Head of Planning & Director of Education
Email: pbell
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.706


Megan Lohmann

Head of Community Energy Management
Email: mlohmann
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 703


Janice Keyes

Senior Manager, Community Energy Engagement
Email: jkeyes
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.705


Peter Robinson

Chief Technology Officer
Email: probinson
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 704


Patricia (Trish) Dehnel

Community Relations Manager & Carbon Neutral Specialist
Email: pdehnel
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 702


Sam Sedlowsky

Community Energy Coordinator
Email: ssedlowsky
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext.707


Jen Grebeldinger

Communications Lead
Email: jgrebeldinger
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 708


Maya Chorobik

Community Energy Manager
Email: mchorobik
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.709


Kelsey Bartha

Accounting Assistant
Email: kbartha
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext.710


Gaëtane Carignan

Community Energy Manager
Email: GCarignan
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 712


Greg Dong

Community Energy Planner
Email: GDong
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 711


Danielle Wiess

Senior Community Energy Manager
Email: DWiess
Phone: 250-469-6783 ext. 714


Carly Johansson

Community Energy Coordinator
Email: CJohansson
Phone: 604-628-7076 ext 713