collaborate300CEA is charitable non-profit society.  Our mission is to build capacity and accelerate action on climate and energy collaboratively with  local governments. CEA is the trusted independent advisor to local governments.
We are helping local governments close the implementation gap.

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This multi-partner association originated in 1993 as an advisory group to the BC Energy Council. In 1995, a Memorandum of Understanding between the British Columbia Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and UBCM recognized the important role of local governments in creating energy efficient communities. Under the MOU, the advisory group was formalized into the BC Energy Aware Committee, with a mandate to raise local government awareness with respect to energy efficiency, community energy planning and relationship building.

In 2003, the committee incorporated as the Community Energy Association, whose board is constituted from member organizations, including governments, transit authorities, utilities and municipal planning organizations. CEA became a Canadian registered charity in 2004.

Ongoing Programs: 

  • Provide a forum for dialogue and education on sustainable energy issues
  • Build capacity of communities, municipalities, and First Nations on energy sustainability education activities
  • Research, develop and provide community energy planning tools on land use, transportation, buildings
  • Infrastructure and alternative energy
  • Encourage active engagement of communities in energy sustainability by recognizing leadership in community energy awareness
  • Energy awareness
  • Build public awareness on community energy sustainability through educational activities
  • Provide referral services to organizations on resource availability for energy sustainable solutions

Annual Reports

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