Heating Publications

Small Scale District Heating Handbook

This handbook is a more detailed and technical companion document to the Small Scale Biomass District Heating Guide.

Small Scale Biomass District Heating Guide

The ‘Small-scale Biomass District Heating Guide’ is written primarily for local governments and First Nations elected officials and staff to support an active local government and band role in the development of clean energy and a green economy. The Guide supports the growing number of small communities across British Columbia interested in making a business case for biomass district heating.

Investing in Green Energy Projects and Utilities - Volume 2: Case Studies

.Volume 2 includes 13 detailed case studies of green energy projects and utilities across BC

Investing in Green Energy Projects and Utilities - Volume 1: Investment Guide

Volume 1 of the guide provides detailed guidance on financing and governance for green energy project and utilities


FIRST Heat is  is an accessible screening-level calculator for fire interface risk management and use of that fiber for community heating.

Heating Our Communities

Heating Our Communities has been written for local government elected officials and staff interested in encouraging the use of renewable sources of energy for heating in communities.

Surrey Ground-source Heat Pump Study

This report, prepared by the Community Energy Association, introduces GSHP technology, suggests options for encouraging GSHPs in the community, and illustrates possibilities for City involvement in the ownership and operation of GSHP systems. The report does not address the financial cost-effectiveness or technical considerations of installing ground-source heat pumps.